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McBurney Launches Republic Financial Group, Meets Growing Demands of Small Businesses

The Woodlands, Texas (September 9, 2012) Terry McBurney, principal of Republic Payment Systems, has a mission to simplify business while encouraging growth for small business operators.

“In 2005 I started Republic solely as a credit card processing firm,” Terry McBurney said,  “Through the years we have built a solid foundation of trust, professionalism and an unprecedented low pricing structure for our customers nationwide. Now I am pleased to announce we have added another component that continues our mission of helping our customers grow their business in a fiscally responsible manner”.

The added component to McBurney’s business model is that of a flexible Business Line of Credit. Just when banks and credit unions seem to be tightening their lending guidelines to small business owners, McBurney offers businesses access to much needed capital whether in an unexpected time of need or as a strategically timed financial objective.

No one can argue that the economy remains volatile and certain businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry, are prone to financial strain.  Republic’s new financial product serves just that need!

“We have assembled multiple lenders that are traditional FDIC banking institutions which focus on business banking including restaurants and retailers which have difficulty obtaining loans,” McBurney said. “These are not the cash advance products that have flooded the market in recent years but rather traditional loans issued under conventional guidelines designed to meet the needs of small businesses.  We offer loans ranging from $15K to $1MM per location.”

This new Republic product allows business owners to lock in credit now for a need that might arise in the near future. McBurney reiterates that this product is not a cash advance but a loan that requires minimal documentation, no collateral and quick approvals.

“This is a true breakthrough opportunity for small businesses,” McBurney said. “The small business owner no longer has to agonize over how they are going to make it through cyclical times, the unexpected need to replace costly equipment or even business expansion.  We have a solution for each circumstance”

For more information on Terry McBurney, Republic Payment Systems or their Business Line of Credit, go to or email at or call 281.719.0769.

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