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Restaurant and Bar Merchant Account Services | Houston Texas

Restaurant & Bar Merchant Account Services

Credit Card Processing is a significant expense for Restaurant and Bar operators and Republic offers the simplest pricing format available today! Whether your business is in Houston, Texas or Augusta, Georgia the below outline will help you understand the different pricing formats set forth by Visa, MasterCard & Discover!

Restaurant & Bar Pricing Outline:

  • Interchange Pass-Through Volume Pricing
  • 1.54% Credit
  • 1.19% Debit (Non Regulated)
  • $0.22 Debit (Regulated)
  • $0.06 transaction fees
  • 24 hour bank deposits
  • 24 / 7 bilingual customer support
  • Online sales activity monitoring
  • Simple and clear monthly statements

To learn more about a Retail Merchant Account, please call 281-719-0769 or Click here to send us a message! 

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