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Merchant Account Services FAQ Houston Texas

Merchant Account Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of pricing is best for my business?

There are many merchant account pricing formats used by agents and credit card processing companies today. The most cost effective pricing available is “Interchange Pass-Through”. Interchange Pass-Through ensures the rates and fees you are being charged are the same as established by Interchange.

What is Interchange?

Interchange is the wholesale pricing established solely by Visa USA© and MasterCard Worldwide© for authorization and settlement of a credit card processing transaction. Interchange serves as the benchmark for which all credit card processing and or merchant acquirers must base their merchant account services pricing.

How do I know my business is being charged the correct Interchange Fee?

You may compare your current merchant account services pricing against the Interchange Rates as published by Visa USA© and MasterCard Worldwide©. Click here for the latest charts:

It is very difficult to read my current monthly statement! How do I know what I fees am paying?

This is a very common tactic for many credit card processing companies and we can help. By requesting a Statement Review from Republic, we will analyze your current pricing against our Interchange Pass-Through Program.

Click Herefor a free statement analysis.

How soon do I receive bank deposits?

If your business closes its batch before 6pm Houston Texas (CST), funds are deposited the next (business day) morning. For batches closing after 6pm Houston Texas (CST), funds will be deposited the next (business day) evening. Access to these funds will depend solely on your banking institution.