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Super Salon – Touch Screen Salon Management Systems

SuperSalon is a US-based global leader in salon management software. In the Americas, SuperSalon is the #1 software in national brand salons & schools and is the exclusive vendor for Regis franchisee locations.

In Q4 2013, Republic and SuperSalon acheived certification to integrate First Data’s TransArmor® data encryption solution into SuperSalon point-of-sale systems across the U.S.  Through a unique Mag Stripe Reader (MSR) developed by Republic, SuperSalon merchants have the ability to process transactions in a secure and safe environment utilizing the TransArmor® technology.  TransArmor® is the next generation of secure transaction processing implemented at the point of sale and eliminates many of the PCI issues a salon operator may encounter.

Now SuperSalon customers, including those which utilize a Stand Alone Terminal or PC Charge Software to process credit cards, can access the TransArmor® solution by simply replacing these devices with the Republic MSR.  As a result, salon operators increase their PCI coverage, reduce labor costs and eliminate the need for additional paper supplies.  If your salon utilizes a Stand Alone Terminal or PC Charge to process credit cards, please click here!

Converting your salon to the Republic MSR has also been given a tremendous amount of detail resulting in a seamless and straightforward process.   Click here to learn how you can convert to the Republic MSR in four easy steps!

And finally!  Yes, choosing to convert your salon to the Republic MSR will help reduce operating and labor costs but what about rates and fees? What makes Republic so different from the competition?  Click here to learn more about Republic’s unparalleled pricing strategy available to all US based SuperSalon customers!

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