Stand Alone Terminals

Stand-Alone Terminals are the most popular type of credit card processing equipment for many types of merchants. We offer a full line of state-of-the-art terminals, pin pads, check readers and more.

You may choose from two options in the type of terminal you use:

Option #1  Existing Terminal: If you already have a credit card terminal, we can simply reprogram it to work with your new Republic Payment Systems merchant account; or

Option #2  Purchase a New Terminal: If you are in need of a new terminal, we have a vast selection of terminals with pricing as low as $299.

Please note:  All terminals come complete with a one-year warranty!

To learn more about a Retail Merchant Account, please call 281-719-0769 or

Touch Screen Systems / Point Of Sale (POS)

Purchasing a Point of Sale System (POS) is a significant business purchase and the choices are many. With so many Point of Sale Systems in the market today, the decision can be time-consuming and confusing.

Several items to consider when choosing a Point of Sale System are as follows:

  • Do I choose a local or national vendor?
  • Can I purchase or finance the system?
  • How many terminals, printers, cash drawers do I need?
  • Do I need a system with Back of the House capabilities?

We are not a Point of Sale System vendor but can ensure you make the right decision when choosing a Point of Sale System.  We work with mutliple POS Vendors in Houston, Texas and throughout the USA.  After carefully analyzing your business needs, we will offer our suggestions on the system that best suits your needs and place you in contact with a local provider.

For this service, we do not earn a commission or receive payment in any way.  Our services are offered free of charge with the goal that you will choose Republic for your credit card processing needs.

To learn more, please call 281-719-0769

Free Terminals & Leasing

Free Terminals

There is no such thing as a “Free Credit Card Terminal”!

Free Terminals have become a great sales tactic solely to entice merchants into signing with a particular company.  The cost of the terminal is “hidden” in your rates, cancellation fee or terms and conditions.

Please, don’t be fooled by the “Free Terminal” sales pitch.  If a sales agent or company is offering a free terminal for your merchant account, read their fine print.

Terminal Leasing

Beware of Terminal Leasing programs!

Simply put, leasing a Credit Card Processing Terminal is one of the worst decisions a business owner could make.  Terminal leasing was created so that credit card processing firms could generate a tremendous amount of upfront revenue for their sales agents.

Why pay $3000 to $5000 for a terminal that you can purchase for as little as $249?  To add insult to injury, once you sign a terminal leasing agreement, you are locked into a lease agreement for 48 months with significant personal credit issues should you terminate the agreement.

Before leasing a credit card terminal, consider your options.

Example of Typical Lease Terms:

Lease payment per month                                                  $55
Lease term (months)                                                   X           48
Total Lease Payments                                                      $2,640

Republic Terminal Cost                                                       $299