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Credit Card Processing Free Terminal Leasing Houston Texas

Free Terminals

There is no such thing as a “Free Credit Card Terminal”!

Free Terminals have become a great sales tactic solely to entice merchants into signing with a particular company.  The cost of the terminal is “hidden” in your rates, cancellation fee or terms and conditions.

Please, don’t be fooled by the “Free Terminal” sales pitch.  If a sales agent or company is offering a free terminal for your merchant account, read their fine print.

Terminal Leasing

Beware of Terminal Leasing programs!

Simply put, leasing a Credit Card Processing Terminal is one of the worst decisions a business owner could make.  Terminal leasing was created so that credit card processing firms could generate a tremendous amount of up front revenue for their sales agents.

Why pay $3000 to $5000 for a terminal that you can purchase for as little as $249?  To add insult to injury, once you sign a terminal leasing agreement, you are locked into a lease agreement for 48 months with signficant personal credit issues should you terminate the agreement.

Before leasing a credit card terminal, consider your options.

Example of Typical Lease Terms:

Lease payment per month
Lease term (months)
X 48
Total Lease Payments
Republic Terminal Cost